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Wedding Party Profiles

Read our fun profiles of the bridesmaids, bridesman, groomsmen, the MC and the ladies doing the readings.

Bridesmaids & Bridesman
The lovely girls and boy who have agreed to be part of the big day - thanks guys!

Lynsey Chief bridesmaid- AKA polar bear, big chum and my wonderful sister. We fought like cat and dog as children especially when she tortured my beloved teddy bear Penny (in which I only forgave her recently!!) As we became older we formed a very special sister bond and she has always been there for me in my time of need. The best sister I could wish for. Polar bear and brown bear- best friends.
Angela Bridesmaid- Angela is my oldest childhood friend. We spent every day for 6 weeks together in the school summer holidays, whether it was me cycling to Arabella or Angela coming to Nigg. The days were mostly spent on that dangerous seesaw in the back garden! I will never forget the day you came flying off with the handle still in your hands!! And how many fizzy cola bottles did we used to put into our paper bags in Arabella shop!! I think it was more than 50 pence!! Angela has remained one of my closest friend throughout our 30 years.
Kevin Bridesman- Ah pickle! What can I say about you!! Our first encounter was at a sex and the city theme night at Kev's new flat in Culloden. His rendition of La bamba stunned us all that night and I loved his enthusiasm of getting everyone to join in despite the words being in Spanish!! Kevin is a man of many sayings which have rubbed off on all us! Favourite one "shut the front door" We have remained great chums and he is a very special friend that lights up the room!!
Rachel Bridesmaid- Rachel and I bonded over many a cocktail one Sunday arvo at the Heathmount and became instant friends!! We travelled to Oz together where we had a great time pub crawling around the rocks, and Surrey hills and the hunter valley and lots more drinking establishments tasting the best of oz wine and spending all our money!! Rachel went on traveling and I stayed in Syd but we have been good friends for the past 4 years and catch up on very lengthy Skype chats!!
Sonia Bridesmaid- I met Sonia a couple of years ago when she moved in to the Langlee house. We became instant friends. With our love of wine, singing (or should I say screeching) and dancing around like loons we make for a good pair. There is never a dull minute when Sonia is around as her fun, friendly personality makes her a wonderful friend and a bridesmaids.

The Groomsmen
Wedding party

Wheels Best man- Wheels and I met in our early uni years, and have been good mates ever since. Although at opposite ends of the spectrum, we seem to get along amazingly well. Through the mayhem and many bizarre adventures over the last 14 years, he's always had my back. So I know I count on him to have my back on our wedding day. After all, he's the most responsible pick of a rather shady bunch!
Sasha Groomsman- Sasha and I have been friends since we were lads, having met in high school. He's my oldest mate, and is like a brother to me. No matter how stupid the idea, if you get Sash to buy in, you know things are only going to get more stupid and a lot more fun. Everyone needs a partner in crime, and you know Sash is the best because he's the one that's likely to get you caught.
Dan Groomsman- Dan and i met when I crashed a party in high school. With a knack for calamity, he has enriched my life ever since. He's always the first at arms when you need someone to jump to your defence. He's also the first to correct you on you're grammar... No matter what, you know he honestly cares about you and your happiness, and that's a pretty damn good quality in my book.
Nick Groomsman- Nick and I met when we started studying Architecture at University. I decided that we should be mates when he said he didn't think much of me - and we've been the best of friends ever since. Although he's often the last to want to, I know I can always twist Nick's arm into some crazy adventure or another. Always there for consult when you need advice, and always willing to go above and beyond.
Matthew Groomsman- Everyone need that friend that brings a little class to the table, and you can count on Matt to bring it. Even though he once ended up with shards of glass in his arse from sitting on and destroying my beloved cow-horn coffee table! When you like to celebrate like I do, you can't ask for a better friend than Matt. Always there for you when you need him, he also has a way of applying common sense to any equation.

The MC
Wedding party

John MC- John would have been one of the Groomsmen, if it were not for the fact that we really need someone who can string a few words together. And seeing as the Scots can't understand what the Aussies are saying, and the Aussies can only understand the Scots if we've had a couple of cold ones first, where hoping a Canadian accent will be understood by all. John and I have been great mates for 5 years now, sharing a mutual love for camping and doing silly things in ridiculous cars. Always up for a good party, we know John is the one to get this one started.

Readings done by
Wedding party

Helen Reader- I choose Helen to do a reading at the wedding because her love of literature amazes me! I moved in with Helen more than 2 and a half years ago and we are great friends and she has introduced me to other wonderful people along the way. Her knowledge about random things tickles me and everyone should have a friend like Helen in their lives.
Amy Reader- Amy Amy, what fun we have had within our friendship! So many stories and laughs. We always have something to talk about! From our nights out in Tain to coming to see you in the Deen. I couldn't have thought of a better person to do a reading for us on our special day.